Dwarf Guilds Firefight Tactics

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Dwarf Guilds
Setting: Grimdark Future
Games: Grimdark Future,
Grimdark Future: Firefight
Species: Dwarf
Version: v2.50

Note: as v2.50 is in constant development the following might not be accurate.

Why Play Dwarf Guilds

The dwarfs aren't fast by a long shot. But what they do tout is a lot of ways to carry heavy weaponry. Most of your units can carry heavy guns without paying as much for battle brothers and the same can be said for melee.


  • Plenty of access to heavy weaponry
  • While not battle brother tanky, you are a pretty doughty force of troops.


  • The majority of your infantry units are Slow
  • Most units are pretty expensive
  • Low-average number of activations
  • Most of your force is pretty meh at melee.
  • Limited psychic casting

Army Special Rules

  • Battle Haste: This model and any units within 12" ignore the Slow rule. Absolutely vital for getting your melee forces to the frontlines quickly.
  • Battle Lore: This model and any units within 12" get +1 AP to their shooting.
  • Beam: Poison +1. Any rolls of 6 to hit deal four hits instead of three.
  • Magma: All hits from this weapon ignore Regeneration.
  • Repair: When activated, this unit can heal d3 wounds on a nearby Tough model if they roll a 2+.
  • Shield Wall: Anybody who shoots a unit where every model has this rule takes -1 to hit. A lot of units can buy shields for this rule, but it requires the entire unit to take it for it to work.
  • Slayer: The rule for berserkers. Whenever they fight a unit with Tough 3+, then they add +2 AP to their melee weapons.
  • Spectrum Scanner: A unit with a model using this rule ignores all cover when shooting.
  • Swift: Allows a unit to ignore Slow, but doesn't confer it to any other units, such as with Battle Haste.
  • Tunneller: The unit gains a special form of Ambush that lets them arrive within 1" of any enemies, offsetting Slow by throwing them right into the thick of it.

Psychic Spells

  • Smiting Rune (4+): Enemy unit within 12" takes four hits.
  • Spite Rune (4+): Enemy unit within 12" takes -1 to hit when they next fight. This can be useful since most of your force is more melee-focused.
  • Battle Rune (5+): Friendly unit within 12" adds +6" to their next move. This is seriously important because of the aforementioned slowness of your army.
  • Breaking Rune (5+): Enemy model within 12" takes 2 AP 2 hits.
  • Cleaving Rune (6+): Two enemy units within 12" take 6 hits each, making this an ideal anti-mob power.
  • Drill Rune (6+): See that setpiece within 6"? Well, you can now shove it around 6" or blow it up, whatever satisfies you. This can be incredibly powerful since no other army has something like this.

Unit Analysis


  • Dwarf Champion: While not the most powerful of heroes, he is without a doubt the most flexible. You should note that his shooting power isn't very good, as most of his options beyond the stock Rifle are pistol options. If you're not looking at any shooting, then you can replace his gun with a Combat Shield if you intend to keep him in a Shield Wall unit.
    • Shooting: The Pistol comes with plenty of options to replace it. The Iron Shotgun gives you an extremely short-range gun that can rip through crowds with Blast and AP. Above that is the Iron Pistol, which is still very short-ranged but still gives AP(1) while the H-Disintegrator gives short-ranged Rending. The Plasma Pistol remains the ever-reliable anti-armor while the Shotgun gives more shots at a lower AP. Rounding this out is the Storm Rifle, a long-ranged rapid-fire gun that can work as an incredible fire support.
    • Melee: The base CCW can be replaced with either a Shock Hammer for crowd control, a Plasma Sword to handle single enemies, the monster-killing Plasma Axe or the AP(4) Shock Gauntlet.
    • Upgrades: The Dwarf Champion can pick up a Jetpack if you're looking for some mobility and Ambush power, but the other list is a bigger deal. Rune Master provides Psychic and a pretty flexible set of spells to work in any range. Engineer provides Repair, which is going to see most use on Trikes and Exo-Suits. Guild Lord gives Battle Lore, giving support to fire lines.
  • Berserk Veteran: The insane hero. He's got no guns, but that's how he likes it. With his Dual Berserker Axes, Furious and Slayer, he's got all he needs to show most tanks and heavy infantry why they should fear him. This however comes at the cost of a poorer defense score, though you can buy Cyber-Augments for Regeneration so AP isn't an issue. Buying Battle Haste to offset Slow isn't such a raw deal with transports being banned, but you'll still need to use cover if you go that route.
    • Melee: The veteran has plenty of different options if the dual axes don't cut it for you. The Shock Hammer provides Blast to exclusively handle squads, the Dual Shock Gauntlets offer an insane AP(4), and the Plasma Axe lets you kill monsters with ease.


  • Dwarf Warrior: Your core infantry unit is quite effective with a 4+ to Quality and Defense. You can also purchase a Spectrum Scanner for some extra support.
    • Ranged: Alongside the options like the Dwarf Champion, you can also provide a special weapon, which range from standard favorites like the Plasma Rifle to heavy weapons like the Heavy Machinegun. Unique among the Dwarfs is the Auto H-Rifle for rapid-fire Rending at mid-range and the Rail M-Rifle, which gives you a means to break monsters with Magma ignoring Regeneration. If you need something cheaper, you can also spring for the Shotgun or Iron Blaster, both of which are shorter-range than your base Rifle but come with AP(1) and an extra shot each.
  • Berserker: A very angry dwarf with Dual Berserker Axes with AP(1), Fearless, Furious and Slayer. They are very bent on melee, but in doing so suffer defensively with a 5+ defense, though you can buy Regeneration for some backup. Never throw them at an enemy without a means to draw fire away from them, even if you take a Berserker Veteran with Battle Haste.
  • Miner: Less protected, but you have Tunneler so you can pop in at any range to strike down the enemy. Fortunately, your stock weapon is the point-blank Iron Pistol. If you intend to keep them a bit further than that, then you might want to consider the Iron Shotgun for crowd control or grab a Fusion Rifle or Flamethrower if you just need a focused tool.
  • Jetpack Warrior: These guys are free from the curse of Slow but are stuck to the pistol. Fortunately, they a decent selection of special pistols, even if the pistols available are all extremely short-ranged, as well as the Champion's weapon options, making them a decent mobile strike force.
  • Hammer Elite: Melee Veteran. They sacrificed their entire loadout for a tanky 3+ defense the A3 AP(1) Heat Hammer and Fearless. Without a loadout to change, their only role is to take those blows for more vulnerable models like the Berserkers.
  • Sniper Team: This sniper is no better than any other up close, but their rifle does come with the option for special ammo, allowing you to pick Fire Ammo if you want Magma's Regeneration-nullification or the Plasma Ammo if you need Beam's extra damage.
  • Thunder Support: The heavy weapons dwarf. The mortar gives you long-ranged crowd control but is limited by Indirect's movement penalty. You can replace this with the Heavy Machinegun for long-ranged firepower with AP(1), rapid-fire Rending Gravity H-Cannon, the Missile Launcher that can pop tanks and ignore cover with Lock-On, the anti-infantry AP(2) Autocannon or the extremely dangerous C-Beamer. If you're that worried about cover, you can also buy a Spectrum Scanner.
  • Dwarf Biker: Fast is a very strong drug for a sluggish army, especially if you buy Pioneer for that early Scout move. The rush is cut down once you realize how limited your loadout is. While the Auto-Gun gives you decent range, your Iron Pistol gives you close-quarters firepower and is the only thing that can be upgraded. The Shotgun is there if you want slightly better range, but the Iron Shotgun is there for the crowd-wiping.
  • Exo-Suit Guard: If you've seen the destroyers used by the battle brothers, these might feel familiar. You've essentially got a super-armored dwarf and give them Tough(3) and Ambush so they don't have to struggle so hard to get within whacking distance.
    • Ranged: While they're free to pick out any melee weapons starting with the Plasma Sword, their options for guns aren't so free. Whether you keep the stock Iron Pistol, grab the longer-ranged Plasma Pistol or rapid-fire H-Disintegrator, your options for shooting are fairly short-ranged. The only long-range ability you have is the Storm Rifle (which you can then replace for a Heavy Machinegun even better range). Alternatively, you can buy the shields for Shield Wall. From there, you can also grab a GL Launcher for some supplementary shooting, especially if you sprung for the shield.

List Building & Tactics

General Advice

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