Ghostly Undead Tactics

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Ghostly Undead
Setting: Age of Fantasy
Games: Age of Fantasy,
Age of Fantasy: Skirmish,
Age of Fantasy: Regiments
Species: Undead
Version: v2.50

Note: as v2.50 is in constant development the following might not be accurate.

Why Play Ghostly Undead

Among the undead armies, the spooky ghosts are the most glass cannon army of the lot. While the vampires have to work with utter chaff mobs and the ossified are all turtles, the ghostly undead are the ones who are in combat first and able to hold onto the fight for a bit, but they'll need to rely on their Regeneration to hold on.


  • Universal (sorta) Regeneration, Stealth, and Strider
  • You've got some good mobs with big swords
  • Morale's almost a non-factor


  • Your entire army is ghosts. Kinda can't pick up armor, so you NEED your Regeneration
  • No artillery, your shooting is very minimal
  • No damage sponges outside of your heroes
  • Mostly static loadouts

Army Special Rules

  • Bleak Return: An attached unit get the Ambush special rule.
  • Capture Souls: Once per activation, one enemy unit within 12” gets -2 to its next morale test roll.
  • Chilling: Enemies take -1 to hit this unit when everyone has it. This is useful because the units that have it tend to be the ones that can't even stand up to a fist fight.
  • Ethereal: Your models have Stealth, Strider and Regeneration against non-magical attacks; you'll be needing all this with how dismal your defense scores are. Note that this can stack with regular Regeneration of need be.
  • Grim Reaper: Grants an attached unit Reap.
  • Reap: When an enemy rolls saves against attacks with this rule, they'll take an extra wound if they roll a 1.
  • Spectral Touch: Whenever this model moves over enemy units, pick one of them and roll one die, on a 2+ it takes 1 hit.
  • Spell Eater: This model may block spells as if it were a Wizard.
  • Stolen Time: The hero and its unit count as having Defense +2. Makes a retinue extremely tanky.
  • Undead: Your models all auto-pass morale checks, which is great. Instead, you need to roll a d6 for each remaining model/Tough wound in the unit; any time you roll a 1 or 2, they suffer a wound that bypasses Regeneration.

Wizard Spells

  • Dread (4+): Friendly unit within 12" can immediately charge 3". All it'll do is shift the tide a little in case you need to open up some room for another charge while holding off multiple units.
  • Terror (4+): One enemy unit within 12" must take a morale test. If they fail, then they must take a dangerous terrain check as well.
  • Eat Soul (5+): Enemy unit within 12" takes an AP(4) Deadly(3) hit. It'll nail most monsters and brutes, but it's useless against heroes who cower behind their goons.
  • Rise Again (5+): One friendly unit within 12" gains Regeneration the next time they get hit. Really only useful if you're getting ready for some pain from an enemy wizard.
  • Grief (6+): Friendly unit within 12" gains Impact(1) on their next charge. You'll be needing all the attacks you can make.
  • Vicious Spirits (6+): Two enemy units within 12" take three AP(3) hits each. It's pretty decent for handling elites and artillery.

Unit Analysis


  • Grim Leader: Your go-to flexible hero, equipped with a A3 Reap Hand Weapon to act as a bit of a beatstick. Furious helps improve their combat output.
    • Weapons: As mentioned, their Hand Weapon comes with Reap, letting you exploit bad saves for more damage. You can upgrade this for other rules while keeping Reap on: the Halberd adds Rending, the Spear gets Phalanx, the Great Weapon gets AP(2), and Dual Hand Weapons double your output. On top of this, you can also pick up a Chain-Spirit Companion for a few extra attacks in case you want to solo monsters.
    • Buffs: Soul Guardian provide Wizard, and thus the ability to cast all the support spells you will need. Jailor adds Capture Souls to help rout enemies in a fight. Executioner adds Grim Reaper in case you're looking for extra Reap on a unit. Knight is costly but gives Stolen Time to make whatever unit they join the tankiness of 2+ defense on top of Stealth and Regeneration.
    • Mounts: The Ghost Steed provides your basic horse with Fast and Impact. The Monarch Throne is a more combat-focused mount, instead granting Fear and extra wounds instead of any charging benefits. The Great Steed is a mix of the two, adding extra wounds as well as Fast, Flying and some potent AP(1) attacks.
  • Champion: The economical beatstick. While a bit cheaper, they don't get as much focus in combat with a generic Hand Weapon without Reap or Furious to guide them. They also have access to their own buffs for the troops.
    • Upgrades: Soul Guardian provide Wizard, and thus the ability to cast all the support spells you will need. Overseer gives Bleak Return in case you want to either join a pack of Wraiths or Ambush in with a retinue. Knight gives the ever-tanky Stolen Time for a wall of a unit.
  • Ancient Banshee: A Hero-sized Banshee with a rapid-fire AP(1) shooting attack. Ambush allows her to pop in at will while Chilling lets her act with a tarpit unit. Though she lacks Spell-Eater, she can still support a pack of Mourners just by having shooting in place of the unit.
  • Ancient Wraith: Your strongest hero with an AP(2) Reap Great Weapon that hits on a 3+. Comes with Ambush to accompany a pack of Wraiths but otherwise can't do much more besides cutting down the worst your enemy can throw at them.


  • Ghost Horde: Your cheapest mob. They're pretty much disposable chaff, but they can grab different weapons (either Spears for Phalanx or Halberds for Rending) as well as being the only infantry unit with a Command Group.
  • Ghost Reapers: Now getting to your elite mobs, they have AP(1) Reap on their attacks, meaning they're somewhat more reliable against infantry. They lack any Command Group, but you can buy a death bell for an AP(2) Deadly(3) swipe to pop a bruiser.
  • Scythed Ghosts: They get no special weapons or the option for a Command Group, but their base weapons give A2 Rending, providing a considerable boost to your damage output. They also come with Chilling, making for a decent tarpit against any chargers.
  • Mourner Banshees: 4+ quality ghosts and Poison weapons and Chilling to hold up the opposition. They can become a gunline that's more effective against armor with AP(1), but they can also buy Spell Eater, which gives the Banshees a secondary role as spell-blockers. This is especially helpful if you're worried about the enemy bringing more casters than you do.
  • Ghost Revenants: The elite bruisers of the lot. They also get AP(3) Great Weapons that hit on a 3+ and Furious so they can take down a lot in combat. If you're planning on bringing a massive beatstick deathstar, than these guys might be your best options.
  • Wraiths: Ghosts with Ambush and Reap on top of their AP(2) Great Weapons. If you're looking to hide an Ancient Wraith or Champion with Grim Return somewhere, this is the group to do it.
  • Banshees: The Elite Mourners with 3+ quality and pre-purchased ranged attacks. Aside from that and Chilling, they have Ambush for a surprise attack, but lack the option for Spell Eater. This makes them more dedicated as a gunline rather than the mild flexibility of the Mourners.
  • Ghost Swarms: A bundle of ghosts that mob up to become Tough(3). This is essentially so you can frustrate enemies since they'll be less prone to breakage with this on top of the defensive benefits of Ethereal and Undead. They're even cheaper than your other hordes, so it's in their nature to be used and abused.


  • Glaive Stalkers: Your "average" cavalry unit gives you a pretty decent setup. Aside from Fast and Impact(1), these guys also get AP(1) Rending Glaives, hardly something to look down on. They're also the only cavalry unit that can grab a command group, which can help with routing enemies.
  • Hexed Knights: Stronger cavalry with AP(1) hand weapons. These guys will most likely be your group to throw at heavy cavalry and infantry, and may be your elite retinue for any heroes. You can buy them Ambush as well, letting them smash the competition before they can fight back.
  • Dread Knights: The elite cavalry comes with both Spectral Touch and Flying, allowing them to deal with enemies out-of-turn as well as in combat with their AP(2) Reap Great Weapons. Because of all this, they're most likely to be drawing the most attention and where their Ethereal buffs will be put to the test. Keep them away from any spells if you can help it.


  • Funeral Coach: A rolling pincushion of a wagon. Fortunately, it has Impact like any proper vehicle and plenty of AP(2) Reap attacks to rip through the enemy. Fear lets them push the battle to their side even further, but as with the rest of the army, they are dependent on Regeneration for survival.
  • Ghost Chariot: This chariot is more support-based, so it's less of a surprise that it isn't well-equipped for fighting despite having full Regeneration and Chilling. Instead, it works more for support as it not only has an effective AP(1) ranged attack but it's also a Wizard, letting it cast spells to reinforce the troops.

List Building & Tactics

General Advice

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