Giant Tribes Tactics

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Giant Tribes
Setting: Age of Fantasy
Games: Age of Fantasy,
Age of Fantasy: Regiments
Species: Giant
Version: v2.50

Note: as v2.50 is in constant development the following might not be accurate.

Why Play Giant Tribes?

The giant tribes aren't so much an army as they are a small group of massive hulks. Your entire list is composed of small gangs of single-model units, all of them incredibly tanky, but also worth more than the average infantry unit.


  • All your units are Tough with a 3+ defense.
  • All of your units' attacks can flatten most blocks of infantry in a single turn.
  • Your entire army has Fear and Fearless.


  • Your model count is absurdly low, with your enemy getting more activations than you.
  • Any losses to your unit are going to make you suffer.
  • Your unit quality is stuck at an average 4+

Special Rules

  • Monster Hunting Net: This model gets +2 to AP against units where most models have Tough(3) or higher.
  • Stumble: Fast 0.5. This models moves +D3” on Advance and +2D3” on Rush/Charge actions.
  • Thick Skin: Enemies get -1 to hit when shooting at a model with this rule.

Unit Analysis

  • Giant: Your cheapest and most basic giant, but even that's about than twice the average infantry unit with the power to flatten most blocks and a hefty Tough(12) and 3+ defense with the option for Regeneration if you really need it. They have several different weapon choices between the stock Giant Club for AP(2), the Giant Spear for Rending, the Giant Hammer for AP(4) and the Giant Flail for a barrage of AP(1) attacks. If you plan on going for range, you can replace your weapon with a simple Giant Knife and the option for either a monster-felling boulder or a bunch of rocks to wipe out blocks of infantry from afar.
  • Crusher Giant: This particular giant comes with a Crush attack with Deadly(3) and AP(2), just what you need to destroy a certain pesky monster or hero. Because of this, you aren't as badly off if you do replace the Giant Club, but you have no ranged weapons for it.
  • Drunken Giant: This giant is slightly faster with Stumble and comes with a Giant Swing to eradicate hordes. As with the Crusher Giant, you can replace the Giant Club with whatever, with the Giant Flail likely being your least preferable since you already have something to eradicate mobs.
  • Battle Stomper Mega-Giant: This particular mega-giant's quirk is the Battle Stomp, a rapid-fire melee blast that can flatten hordes. While Slow, they have Thick Skin to protect them pretty easily. You can purchase Impact for some extra charging push, and you can replace your Mega Club for a Mega Pike with even more attacks with Rending.
  • Monster Eater Mega-Giant: This Mega-Giant doesn't have unique weapons, but their Monster Hunter Net gives them an edge when fighting enemy monsters and vehicles. On top of the base Mega-Giant Upgrades, you can also take ranged weapons, replacing their Mega-Club with either a pole to take down monsters or a heap of debris to destroy crowds.
  • Castle Breaker Mega-Giant: This mega-giant has the Gate Smash to provide a weapon that can splatter monsters with ease. This combined with Scout can give them a special role in taking down priority targets, especially if you pick up Impact to make that first attack particularly devastating.
  • Bone Grinder Ultra-Giant: An absolute behemoth, touting a hulking Tough(24) and a dizzying number attacks between the Stomp and weapon. It also costs so much that you're likely going to have to build the army around this guy. Of course, you can replace its AP(2) Ultra Club with other weapons, with the free Ultra Flail giving a practical guarantee that anything will drown in dice, the Ultra Pike for a ton of Rending, and the devastating AP(4) Ultra Hammer.

List Building & Tactics

General Advice

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