High Elf Fleets Firefight Quickplay Armies

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High Elf Fleets
Setting: Grimdark Future
Games: Grimdark Future,
Grimdark Future: Firefight
Species: Elf
Version: v2.50

Below you will find quickplay army lists for High Elf Fleets from Grimdark Future universe.

Enforcer Elves (300pts)

This is a v2.50 list you can build using a Deadzone: Enforcer Strike Protocol Starter box from Mantic Games, or any other models of your choice.

Hard hitting bikes are seconded by fast troops who will secure objectives.

Webapp Link for this list: https://army-forge.onepagerules.com/share?id=3Qkq9csb

++ Enforcer Elves [GFF 300pts] ++
Guardian Elite [1] Q4+ D5+ | 50pts | Fast, Hero, Tough(3)

CCW (A2), Shard Carbine (18", A2, Rending)

3x Defender [1] Q4+ D5+ | 20pts | Fast

CCW (A1), Shardgun (12", A2, Rending)

2x Jetbike [1] Q3+ D4+ | 95pts | Strider, Tough(3), Very Fast

CCW (A2), Shard Pistol (12", A1, Rending), Twin Shardgun (12", A4, Rending)

Special Rules

Blast: Ignores cover and multiplies hits by X, but can’t deal more than one hit per model. May choose to split hits within 3” as if they were attacks.

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