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Infected Colonies
Setting: Grimdark Future
Games: Grimdark Future,
Grimdark Future: Firefight
Species: Unknown
Version: v2.50

Why Play Infected Colonies

This is another very budget-focused force built to spam a lot of weak fodder. However, you'll find some very glaring weaknesses immediately. Your shooting is garbage. Your units are mostly useless. However, you can buy lots of them. And you should.


  • Lots of Activations
  • Lots of melee attacks
  • Fairly affordable chaff
  • Undead makes Morale issues less of an issue.


  • Your troops are pathetic
  • Very limited shooting

Army Special Rules

  • Bloodthirsty: Friendly units within 12" gain Furious.
  • Boom: When this model dies, the attacker takes three automatic hits.
  • Terrifying: Enemies take -1 in melee to hit units where every model has this rule.
  • Undead: Good news is that your entire army is immune to Morale issues. However, in place of any morale rolls, you need to roll a die for each model in that unit, dealing an unsavable wound for each 1 or 2 rolled.

Psychic Spells

  • Bio-Horror (4+): One enemy unit within 12" takes an AP(2) Deadly(3) hit, which is pretty lethal.
  • Infestation (4+): Friendly unit within 12" takes gets Poison on their next melee attack. Considering how poor your forces are in combat, you'll need every edge you can get.
  • Onslaught (5+): Two friendly units within 6" add +2" to Advance moves and +4" to Rush and Charge moves. With the speed issues of your army, this is incredibly welcome.
  • Panic Virus (5+): One enemy model within 12" takes five AP(1) hits to handle crowds.
  • Plague (6+): Enemy unit within 6" rolls a die per model, dealing a hit for each 2+. This is hell for mobs of grunts.
  • Vigor (6+): Friendly unit within 12" gains Regeneration when they next get hit. Absolutely necessary with how flimsy they are.

Unit Analysis


  • Great Hunter: A melee beast, given Ambush and Strider for maximum maneuverability since this guy lacks guns. Fortunately, their quality and defense are quite good and you can grab either Terrifying or Bloodthirsty depending on how aggressive you want to go. Whether you go with the default AP(1) Rending claws or free Poison claws, the monster-felling AP(2) Deadly(3) barbs or the AP(4) swings, you have plenty of ways to take care of the enemy in a fight.
  • Infected Leader: Cheapest hero and likely your default in smaller games. Stat wise, they're no better than the base infected and can even buy the same melee weapons, going between Carbine or Pistol+CCW for the option of an Energy Sword or Fist and the option between Plasma Pistol for up-close anti-armor or the unique Scoped Pistol so you have a cheap assassin.. You can also buy Mad Scientist to get psychic for spell support.


  • Infected: A lone goon straight out of the HDF, making it likely the most common hero bunker. Truth be told, their venues are narrow. Your range is short unless you grab the Grenade Launcher or the Heavy Machinegun, the Fusion Rifle is your lone source of anti-tank while the Plasma Rifle gives you AP(4). Your melee options are the same as the Infected Leader.
  • Infected Gunners: An Infected with free reign over the basic guns and possess Relentless, which you'll enjoy if you want more shots.
  • Leech Swarm: A whole new level of weak without even AP on their attacks, but what you have is Tough(3) and Strider to ignore obstacles. This makes them a cheap target to distract Deadly weapons.
  • Rabid Dog: Puny, like most of your forces, but you have Fast and Scout. Though they are more costly than any of your other pet swarms, this dog gets 4+ quality and Rending, making them the most likely to kill an enemy in combat.
  • Runners: These guys are even more prone to getting mowed down than the zombies. Fortunately, these guys are faster and have Strider so you can hide behind cover or ambush the enemy faster.
  • Zombies: Zombies are...pathetic. Their only weapons are their claws, they're Slow and they're as flimsy as the rest of your units. Even Regen won't do too much to stop them from getting cut down. The one good thing is that you grab 3 of them for fairly cheap.
  • Crazed Raven: While as much a distraction as the other animals, the raven at least gets a 5+ to quality and defense, making them more effective on harassing opponents.
  • Hunter: Hunters are actually quite effective for killing stuff up close but quite a bit more expensive than the Infected. Ambush and Strider make sure that they can reach their enemy quickly and two of them can upgrade their claws, all of them being similar to the Great Hunter's loadout. This makes them into something more akin to assassins.
  • Weapon Team: A slightly more durable Infected, complete with a Mortar for long-range bombardment. The Heavy Machinegun feels like a waste since your base Infected can pick it up anyways. The Missile Launcher provides cheap anti-aircraft with AP(2) Deadly(3) and Lock-On. The Laser Cannon gives you long-ranged anti-vehicle power while the Autocannon offers more universal coverage at long range.
  • Boomer: A Hunter with 4+ quality and defense, but gains the tankiness of Tough(3), making them useful as a meatwall. Despite what you might think, this isn't so you can stall enemies - they won't. Instead, your goal is to sacrifice one in melee to trigger Boom so you can take down more obstinate assault mobs. This can at least guarantee a second screening if the enemy gets past the zombies.
  • Corrupted Beast: An elite beast with 3+ to quality and defense. Each one is a beefy melee unit with Tough(3) and a pair of Sharp Claws with AP(1) Rending. Tthese claws can be swapped for either free Serrated Claws to wipe crowds, Smashing Fists for armor breaking or Piercing Stingers to kill other large beasts.
  • Infected Vulture: A slightly better raven with a slightly better bite. This bird also gets Ambush to make them distractions that can appear anywhere you need them. Buying Piercing Beak can make them particularly annoying to use against vehicles and elite models, while Swoop Attack gives you some Impact, which can throw a few pre-emptive blows before entering a fight.

List Building & Tactics

General Advice

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