Jackals Firefight Quickplay Armies

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Setting: Grimdark Future
Games: Grimdark Future,
Grimdark Future: Firefight
Species: Jackals
Version: v2.50

Below you will find quickplay army lists for Jackals from Grimdark Future universe.

Note: as v2.50 is in constant development the following might not be accurate.

Kinband (300pts)

This is a v2.50 Firefight army you will be able to build using the Kill Team Farstalker Kinband from Games Workshop, or any other models of your choice.

A bit glass-cannon, terrain-dependant, and a mix of shooting and melee. Pick which half of your Veteran's Martial Prowess you want to boost based on personal preference. The shooting buff likely wins out a bit because its easier to keep yourself in terrain than ensure your enemy enters terrain for you to capitalize on.

++ Jackals [300pts] ++
Veteran [1] Q4+ D5+ | 85pts | Carnivore, Hero, Martial Prowess, Strider, Tough(3)

Energy Rifle (24", A1, AP(1))

Junk Sword (A2, AP(1), Rending)

Hound [1] Q5+ D5+ | 20pts | Carnivore, Fast, Furious, Scout, Strider

Claws (A2)

Hound [1] Q5+ D5+ | 20pts | Carnivore, Fast, Furious, Scout, Strider

Claws (A2)

Elite [1] Q4+ D4+ | 35pts | Carnivore, Relentless, Strider

Shred Rifle (18", A3, Rending)

CCW (A1)

Elite [1] Q4+ D4+ | 25pts | Carnivore, Relentless, Strider

Shotgun (12", A2, AP(1))

CCW (A1)

Stalker [1] Q5+ D5+ | 30pts | Carnivore, Dodge, Scout, Strider

Junk Sword (A2, AP(1), Rending)

CCW (A2)

Nomads [3] Q5+ D5+ | 45pts | Carnivore, Strider

2x Scrap Rifles (24", A1)

Power Spiker (9", A3, Rending)

3x CCWs (A1)

Tracker [1] Q5+ D5+ | 40pts | Carnivore, Charged Ammo, Strider

Hunting Rifle (24", A1, AP(1), Sniper)

CCW (A1)

Special Rules

Carnivore: This model gets +1 to hit rolls when in melee.

Charged Ammo: This model counts as having the Ambush rule, and gets AP(+3) when shooting on the round in which it deploys.

Dodge: This model gets +2 to defense rolls when fighting in melee.

Martial Prowess: This model and all friendly units within 12” get +2 to hit rolls in melee or shooting whilst inside terrain (pick one).

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