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Welcome to the OPR Community Wiki!

OPR (onepagerules) is the home of many tabletop wargaming rulesets designed to be fast to learn and easy to play. The most known are the Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy series of games.

OPR rulesets are miniature-agnostic and are designed to be played with any miniatures you have available, although official 2d and 3d printable miniatures are available. These rulesets were created and further developed by Gaetano Ferrara (aka onepageanon) since 2014.

OPR's mission is to create rules that everyone can enjoy! The mission is to 'leave no man behind' by providing rule systems, in which players can use any and all of their miniatures instead of having to leave them on a shelf collecting dust forever.

Since 2017 the whole project is being funded via Patreon.

Fantasy games Sci-fi games Spacefleet games

Age of Fantasy

Age of Fantasy cover
Age of Fantasy
Age of Fantasy: Skirmish cover Image
Age of Fantasy: Regiments cover Image

Grimdark Future

Grimdark Future cover
Grimdark Future
Grimdark Future Firefight cover

Warfleets: FTL

Warfleets: FTL cover
Warfleets FTL

Miniatures, Hobby, and More

Every month, OPR releases STL files for at-home 3D printing of miniatures for use in the games listed above. Some key links and information on these models and more can be found below:

  • OPR Mini Gallery - Community archive of OPR miniatures fully painted
  • MyMiniFactory - Storefront to purchase previously released OPR minis
  • OPR Writing Jams - Records of the previous Writing jams and the stories that came out of them

Here are instead useful links for those who wish to examine in depth some more advanced concepts regarding the games

  • FiftyPageMaths - Learn how to use probabilities, binomial distributions and means to better understand the balance of the game

The Wiki

  • Fan Content - Additional rulesets and content made by the OPR community
  • Wiki ToDo List - Community-led to-do list to track what pages need updating or creating
  • Archived Games - Archive of games that have been previously released and ended up being discontinued and no longer supported