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Mummified Undead
Setting: Age of Fantasy
Games: Age of Fantasy,
Age of Fantasy: Skirmish,
Age of Fantasy: Regiments
Species: Undead
Version: v2.50

Note: as v2.50 is in constant development the following might not be accurate.

Why Play Mummified Undead

The mummified undead act fairly similar to the ossified undead in that they're a wall of steel and bone. However, while the ossified is a very simple army of brutes and some monsters, the mummies are more versatile with their mobs, but their bigger pull is their artillery and monsters.


  • Plenty of durable units
  • Morale's almost a non-factor


  • Your troop mobs are quite fragile

Army Special Rules

  • Cursed Arrows: The archers have arrows that ignore cover.
  • Undead: Your models all auto-pass morale checks, which is great. Instead, you need to roll a d6 for each remaining model/Tough wound in the unit; any time you roll a 1 or 2, they suffer a wound that bypasses Regeneration.

Wizard Spells

  • Blade Curse (4+): Friendly unit within 12" get +1 to hit in melee. With how piddly your goons are, they'll need all they can get.
  • Storm of Skulls (4+): One enemy unit within 12" eats 2 AP 2 hits.
  • Protection (5+): One friendly unit within 12" gains Regeneration the next time they get hit. Unlike some undead, these guys lack any additional protection, so you'll absolutely be needing this for the mobs.
  • Desiccation (5+): Enemy unit within 12" takes an S4 AP 3 hit. Honestly, what a waste. It'll nail most monsters and brutes, but it's useless against heroes who cower behind their goons.
  • Smiting (6+): Friendly unit within 12" charges up to 6" and gets +1 on their next hit roll. Want to use Blade Curse but also REALLY need to charge across the board? Well, here you go.
  • Vengeance (6+): Enemy unit within 12" must take a morale check or else take a hit per model. Absolutely devastating for the mobs.

Unit Analysis


  • Mummy King: He's a fairly basic beatstick. Though they lack protection, they have plenty of options. They will require that protection with only a 4+ defense and Tough 3 to save them. If you buy the King's Will, it'll go a long way in boosting their bodyguards, as it makes mummies and skeletons (basic, guards or knights only) gain a 3+ quality for a bundle of hits.
    • Mounts: The king comes with the most mounts of the army. The skeletal steed is your basic horse-mount, giving only Fast and Impact. The Royal Chariot beefs up the king even more, upping Defense to 2+ and Tough to 9 while also having Impact 6. The War Sphinx is your obscenely expensive monster, lacking Fast but providing with a bundle of weapons, a bunch of bonus Wounds and Fear. You can buy a Lance when mounted and add Impact to the equation (or just stack it).
  • Mummy Priest: Your Wizard. This skelly has absolutely no business in combat, so keep them away from that and keep casting. You can buy a skeletal steed to boost their movement.


  • Mummies: Your cheapest mob, utterly pathetic and disposable. Hell, they're even Slow, so that proves that they're meant to die in droves.
  • Skeletons: A cheaper and slightly less pathetic mob, since they lack Slow and are 5+ Quality/Defense. They're pretty much disposable chaff, but they can grab different weapons (and a harpoon for hero-killing) as a command group. This also makes them a viable guard for a king if you buy a big enough horde to throw the king into.
  • Skeleton Guard: Elite skellies. They've got a 4+ to quality and protection, so they're plenty capable of defending themselves even without the king's boost. This ramp in price also spills into their weapon choices as their costs are doubled.
  • Skeleton Archers: Less armored than the base ones, but they have Cursed Arrows for a good coverage. This can make them an acceptable blob to slap a priest on, since they have no reason to be in combat.
  • Guardian Statues: Some serious bruisers, stacked with 3+ quality 4+ defense and Tough 3. By stock, they have some decent weapons, but you can up that by either making them dual wielding or giving a great weapon for AP 2. Great bows give you some impressive range and arrows that punch through armor, but does fall afoul of cover. If you want some survivability, you can buy a stone shaper for Furious and Regeneration.
  • Scarab Swarms: Unlike most chaff swarms, these guys do have the potential to lay on some serious hurt. Their bites contain Poison, so each hit you make (hey, it's a 6+ quality) would be tripled.
  • Vultures: These guys are some mobile machine hunters. While not incredibly tanky, they're able to fly and thus can move around fire.


  • Skeleton Knights: Your light cavalry skellies. They're not very protected, but they have Scout so they can rush into the enemy before they collapse. If you buy lances, then they can lay on a bit more pain onto their charges.
  • Skeleton Horse Archers: Light cavalry with arrows in case you wanted something more mobile for your shooting.
  • Snakemen: A sorta skirmishing cavalry, these guys are Fast and also Tough 3. Their weapons are also pretty impressive with halberds for Rending and a short-ranged shooting attack. If you buy Ambush, you can get that drop on the opposition while they're busy with your hordes of bones.
  • Snake Riders: Unlike the snakemen, these guys lack any shooting. Instead, they grab lances and their snakes can bite with their A3 AP 1 Poison fangs. These guys are much more inclined to charging, where their Impact 4 can pretty easily wipe off a unit. This does make them better inclined for the surprise pounding, but it's at a considerable premium.
  • Giant Snakes: What the snake riders are riding. While they possess their poisonous bites and other rules, their chief difference is in their upgrades. One of them is the ever-useful Ambush, made more essential with their limited offensive power. The other is the improved defense, making them as much of a distraction than the riders.


  • Giant Scorpion: A big bruiser, complete with Poison to deal extra hurt. Though they have the best quality of the monsters here, they're also the most fragile with only Tough 3.
  • Skeleton Giant: Considerably bigger and thus considerably deadlier in combat. While costly, they're only about as expensive as a pack of guardian statues. What this provides is a major threat in combat, as those swings are not the sort the enemy can just ignore. This is especially true if you bought a double weapon or a great weapon. Getting the giant great bow will pretty much guarantee that whatever you hit will die, but it's not Sniper.
  • Giant God-Statue: Essentially a skeleton giant that trades off its weapon options for max Wizard power. This thing will likely be the strongpoint of any casting efforts, but it'll require you to distract all the focus fire it will inevitably provoke.
  • War Sphinx: A veritable colossus of a beast, strapped to bear with a plentiful amount of stomps and a crew to provide Impact 4. The upgrades available give you some very cheap Poison on the stomps, Fire Breath or a very costly stone shaper for Furious and Regeneration.
    • Sphinx Champion: This sphinx loses its crew, but it has wings and a very devastating decapitating strike, the sort that can wipe out a hero or heavy. Aside from that, their equipment options are the exact same as the base one.


  • Skeleton Chariots: The chariots are capable of multitasking, equipped with both bows (equipped with Cursed Arrows) and a good charge attack with Impact 5. This makes them quite costly compared to the cavalry, but you don't have to worry about where they are to be effective.
  • Royal Chariot: Markedly more expensive, but you're only getting one chariot with an absurd Impact 8. Take this if you want a single chariot that can ram into an enemy that's already in combat and wipe them out.


  • Skull Catapult: The mob-crushing artillery. Though only AP 2, it's got Blast 6 so it will flatten most units up to the elite units with Tough.
  • Death Casket: This artillery's better suited for the monsters and shrines. It spits out a bunch of attacks at AP 3, meaning that it'll pierce through that 2+ defense without issue.

List Building & Tactics

General Advice

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