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Setting: Age of Fantasy
Games: Age of Fantasy,
Age of Fantasy: Skirmish,
Age of Fantasy: Regiments
Species: Ogre
Version: v2.50

Note: as v2.50 is in constant development the following might not be accurate.

Why Play Ogres

The Ogres are among the beefiest armies in the game, easily on par with the Eternal Warden. All but a single unit choice have the Tough rule and, combined with another rule on some units (which will be explored in a moment) can easily create one of the most durable armies in Age of Fantasy. When it come to monstrous infantry, the Ogres pretty much wrote the book on what it means to have an army composed of that unit type. While they lack the Furious ability of Orcs and their numbers, the Ogres compensate with their sheer bulk.


  • All units except Pet Goblins are Tough(X).
  • Certain units can actually shove off AP 1.
  • High number of attacks with AP.
  • Mild access to debuffing enemy attacks, which make the Ogres even harder to kill.


  • Squads are small in number. Limited number of activation.
  • Limited access to anti-cavalry.
  • Despite being Tough, non-mounted units are capped Defense 3+.

Army Special Rules

  • Frost: Enemy units get -1 to their melee rolls when fighting against this unit.
  • Hunter: This unit gains +2 to AP when taking on enemies with Tough 3 or higher. This locks them in as the enemy of all monsters, tanks, and bruiser armies like the Eternal Wardens.
  • Stone Bones: This unit registers the AP of any hits it takes by -1, which isn't as powerful as prior updates, but a bit more useful, especially when dealing with more elite models.

Wizard Spells

  • Gorge (4+): Target friendly unit within 12” gets Furious next time it charges. A buff which add Furious is always good and being a 4+ spell makes it worth casting on every occasion.
  • Gobble (4+): Target enemy model within 12” takes 1 automatic hit with AP(2). This is primarily anti-hero material.
  • Crack (5+): Target enemy unit within 12” gets -2 to hit next time it shoots. Once more, the Ogre theme of debuffing rear its head. This time it can debuff enemy ranged attacks, which is likely an advantage the foe will try to leverage against an Ogre list.
  • Crush (5+): Target 2 enemy units within 6” take 4 hits with AP(1) each. Anti-infantry spell.
  • Guts (6+): Target friendly unit within 12” may immediately charge by up to 6” and gets +1 to hit for that melee. Hey, more destructive power! An extra charge and improved Melee rolls.
  • The Maw (6+): Target enemy unit within 12” takes 8 automatic hits. Another anti-infantry spell.

Unit Analysis


  • War Chief: The big man in charge, ruling through sheer might, fear and girth! At 3+/3+ he has the best stats the army has to offer as well as the usual choice of weapon upgrades and Fear to give an extra edge. In addition to this, he can be equipped with firearms. He can buy one of two special buffs for his unit: Bully allows the chief's unit to take d3 wounds in order to turn a failed morale check to a pass. Voracious grants the unit Impact 1, which is useful if the unit is going to charge more.
  • Champion: While slightly weaker than the War Chief (4+ defense instead of 3+), the Champion is a more versatile hero in some aspects. The lack of defense can be remedied with an Iron Plate, giving him the same stat line as the War Chief. Unlike the War Chief, he can take a monstrous mount which makes him superior in every respect as it grant him Fear and Fast as well as the Impact and extra Tough which comes with mount.
  • Hunt Master: Similar in its base stats to the Champion, but with Hunter, Strider, and Ambush. Unlike other Ogre heroes, he is much more range-oriented, with a few extra ranged weapon options including an Indirect and a Deadly weapon that can be taken alongside the pistols. Finally, most terrifyingly, he can be mounted on a Giant Bison with the stats to match, gaining Tough(+9) and Stone Bones for some AP mitigation.
  • Shaman: The Ogre's only Wizard is no flabby nerd, with its impressive 4+/4+ stats and weapons matching other Ogres. Being this strong doesn't seem to impair his spellcasting abilities, as he can be upgraded to Wizard(2) and be given Fire Breath. If you're willing to go all-in, then you can grab Fire God's Blessing so you can grab Regeneration for the shaman's unit, but this is very expensive to consider.


  • Pet Goblins: Pure, expendable chaff. Can be upgraded with short ranged weapons and/or Phalanx, which can enable them to be used as cavalry deterrent by just throwing them in the path of a cavalry charge.
  • Ogres: Your base infantry. Where in other armies these would be an elite choice, in the Ogres list these monsters are the basic infantry choice and as such come with all the upgrades associated with basic infantry, such as 2x Hand Weapons, Great Weapons, Spears, Halberds and the anti-monster Harpoon. At 4+/4+ their stats are relatively average but each is Tough and their weapons deal 3 attacks.
  • Hunters: Ogres with Hunter, Ambush and Strider. They lack any weapon options besides the javelins for shooting, but Hunter makes sure that they should only be targeting certain elite models anyways.
  • Iron Warriors: Ogres with a 3+ Defense, Stone Bones, and Great Weapons. Toughest non-hero/cavalry/true monster units on this list, especially since Stone Bones will shrug off most low AP enemies.
  • Devourers: The real stars of the Ogre's list and absolute monsters at that. At an initial glance these aren't very impressive, being Ogres with improved Quality and Hand Weapons with +1 Armor Piercing, putting them at the same base cost as Iron Warriors. Looking at their upgrades, however, reveal a shockingly customizable elite monstrous infantry which can be equipped to fulfill a variety of different roles and functions within the army, turning the previously predictable Ogres into terrifying foes. In addition to swapping their Hand Weapons for a pair of Hand Weapons or Great Weapons, they gain access to additional weapons in the form of firearms. Finally, they can all be upgraded with one of the following:
    • Strider: Ignoring difficult terrain is a nice ability to have, but it also mean that now there is an elite squad which can keep up (and thus accompany) the Hunter hero.
    • Poison in melee: Absolutely disgusting when paired 2x Hand Weapons on a fully six-man squad.
    • Rending in melee: Remember how its mentioned they can't take Halberds? Well, technically they can't but mechanically this turn all your melee weapons into Halberd analogues.
    • Ambush: Yeah, Ambush. On big, angry and hungry Ogres. An absolutely terrifying choice which completely change how this unit can be used, as it can now be deployed against specific enemies and/or to take objectives out of nowhere.
    • Scout: An alternative to Ambush.
    • Fast: Sure, why not! Add 'Fast' to elite Ogres! These turn these infantry units into discount cavalry minus the Impact.
    • Sniper when shooting: Only useful for those Devourers who bought gun but terrifyingly powerful nonetheless, these turn the hulking monsters into dangerous anti-heroes sharpshooters.
    • Fearless: Compared to the rest it isn't as impressive on paper but it can help when holding objectives.
  • Yeti Pack: These monstrous infantries have claws and no upgrade option but they all have the Frost ability, which can decrease enemy melee.
  • Shooters: In most armies, archer analogues are fairly squishy. Ogres laugh at this concept, since even with slightly reduced defense, these Shooters are still as strong in melee as their basic counterparts meaning they are no pushover if cornered by infantry.
  • Sabre Tooths: High quality, low defense monster infantry with Fast. A bit of a discount calvary, lacking Impact like the Devourers with Fast.


  • Beast Riders: With the Ogres, its almost better to count the cavalry in the monster category. Beast Riders are the only cavalry of the Ogres, with Tough(6) and Impact(4). They can replace their Hand Weapons for Great Weapons.


  • Abomination: Has Ambush, Fear, Fearless and Furious. No option for any kind of upgrades but nasty on its own.
  • Giant: Standard issue Giant found in most other lists.
  • Ice Mammoth: A terrifying monster which blur the line between monster, cavalry, chariot and even artillery. Has the option for Chilling Auraif you need an additional debuff on top of Frost. Its weapon choices include a Blast ranged weapon for artillery uses, a Trap Chain for rapid-fire, and the Harpoon Crossbow with Deadly. This thing does it all but has a matching cost.
  • Giant Bison: More powerful than the Mammoth and much more costly, as well as melee-oriented. The reason for its cost is the dangerous, powerful and costly ability 'Stone Bones' which renders it immune to the Deadly rule.


  • Heavy Chariot: Essentially a tank, between Tough, a 2+ defense and Stone Bones. The big selling point here is that it can equip one of two guns: One is Blast and thus more effective against herds and one is Deadly, effective against monsters.

List Building & Tactics

General Advice

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