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Sky-City Dwarves
Setting: Age of Fantasy
Games: Age of Fantasy,
Age of Fantasy: Skirmish,
Age of Fantasy: Regiments
Species: Dwarf
Version: v2.50

Note: as v2.50 is in constant development the following might not be accurate.

Why Play Sky City Dwarvess

The Sky-City Dwarves are really four smaller armies fit into one group. All of them have their own unique rules, you'll notice that all of them have a generally similar pattern of things.


  • Absurd amounts of AP(1) shooting
  • A bunch of airships with guns and transport capacity to offset Slow


  • Very limited unit selection
  • Those airships are some very visible targets
  • Melee falls a bit to the wayside
  • Short-ranged shooting, which isn't helped by Slow

Special Rules

  • Augment: The hero and an attached unit get +1 to hit rolls when shooting at enemies within 12".
  • Drop Bombs(X): Whenever this model moves over enemy units, pick one of them and roll Xd6. For each 2+ it takes three AP(1) hits.
  • Follow the Code: The hero and an attached unit get the Fearless and Furious special rules. Excellent for melee.
  • Grappling Hook: This model and its unit may move by up to 3” after shooting.
  • Repair: Once per activation, if within 2” of a unit with Tough, roll one die. On a 2+ you may repair D3 wounds from the target.
  • Storm Sight: This model may block spells as if it had the Wizard(2) special rule.
  • Transport (X): You've got ships that can actually carry X models. They can all step out on their activation and move 6". If the ship crashes, then these models need to make a Dangerous Terrain check before setting up the survivors within 6" of the wreckage.
  • Wind Reader: Once per activation, one friendly unit within 12” of this model can move up to 6". Incredibly useful for your lumbering Crew and Gunners.

Wizard Spells

  • Aether Shock (4+): Enemy model within 12" takes three AP(2) hits. Pretty useful for nailing a deathblow on an enemy hero or monster.
  • Wind Rune (4+): Two friendly unit within 6" adds +1" to their next Advance move or +2" to their next Rush/Charge move. The boost to speed is nice, but it won't do much for your Crew and Gunners.
  • Sledge Shock (5+): Two enemy units within 6" takes four AP(1) hits. Not much, but it can soften up some squads.
  • Tinker (5+): Two friendly units within 12" gain +1 to defense when they are next hit. Awesome.
  • Sky Shock (6+): Enemy unit within 12" take eight hits, making it useful for hordes.
  • Sky-Sight (6+): Two friendly units within 6" gain +12" to their shooting range, which is incredible for a gunline-heavy army like yours.



  • Sky-Captain: Most likely your workaday hero with plenty of upgrades available to him. Regardless of what you take though, you're going to have to stay in close quarters as his guns are all with 9" range, whether you stick with the Volley Pistol or grab the free Flame Pistol or Chem Rifle. For Hand Weapon upgrades, you can only pick between the AP(2) Sky-Pike and hero-killing Great Hammer.
    • Upgrades: The big draw of the Sky-Captain, as this provides all the utility they will need to compensate for the limited armory. Sky-Seer is incredibly useful if you just need the ability to block spells rather than any Wizards, but Aether Master can provide any casting you need. Engine Master is incredibly useful for any frigates you bring along, as it lets you fix them up. Master Chemist provides Augment to support mid-range firing lines, though the Sky-Captain's guns will likely be outranged by the unit he's attached to. Admiral gives Follow the Code for any melee-focused Crew squads. Wrapping things up is Navigator, which is very handy for getting your squads in position despite their speed.
  • Balloon Master: While very costly compared to the Sky-Captain, you're getting a lot in between the 4+ Defense, Tough(6), Scout with normal movement and surprising number of weapons on hand. Not only do you get a Volley Pistol, but the Weapon-Rig acts as a secondary pistol while the Chainsword has a surprising effectiveness with Rending. While the option between the Volley Pistol and Rivet Gun is the option between either fixed AP(1) or the chances of Rending, the Cannon Gun gives you your only means of long-range firepower, but it's less useful against squads than heroes. The Chain-Sword, on the other hand, only has a Sky-Pike for serious upgrade with AP(3).
    • Upgrades: Sky-Mines provide Phalanx for a protective edge, but it requires you to also buy Sky-Mines for the attached group as well. Sky-Seer gives you an affordable way to block spells since there is no way to become a Wizard. Sky-Rigger is extremely handy, as the Balloon Master's movement allows him to stay close to the ships for repairs. Sky Charges provides Drop Bombs(1), which will likely only prove to be a nuisance, even when attached to a similarly equipped squad of Balloon Wardens.


  • Crew: Your basic infantry, equipped with hand weapon and a pistol that can handle armored infantry in most cases. These guys probably suffer the most from Slow, as they will mostly be relying upon their pistols, but you are getting ten models in each unit.
    • Up to three of the models can replace their loadouts. One sacrifices their entire loadout for a Sky-Pike if you need extra melee punch, a second can replace their pistol with either a rapid-fire Volley Pistol or Flame Pistol, and a third gives up their gun for either a long-ranged Hook Rifle for crowd control or a Volley Rifle to handle other enemies.
  • Gunners: The source of all your gunlines. They're fortunately better protected than the crew and their Sky-Rifles allow them to handle most things from a comfortable range. Even their alternative guns, even with their shorter ranges, won't force them right into an enemy's attack range.
    • They come with a vast array of weapons to replace their base Sky-Rifles. By default, any of them can buy a Flame Rifle or Organ-Gun for versatility, a Cannon-Gun if you need to smash monsters, or a Mortar-Gun if you need long range bombardment.
  • Balloon Wardens: These balloon boys are a fair bit tougher than the base Crew and better protected with Tough(3). Their airborne nature makes their short-ranged Volley-Pistols and Sky-Pikes less of a hassle, since you aren't spending multiple turns to get them on the field. If you are concerned about getting charged, you can purchase Sky-Mines for the defensive benefits from Phalanx.
    • One of the Balloon Wardens can replace their loadout for a special gun if you need some long-ranged firepower. The free Grappling Hook Launcher not only provides incredible range, but also has Grappling Hook for some extra movement. The Volley Rifle has good range as well, as does the monster-slaying Drill Launcher. The Hook Launcher is also gifted with incredible range, best suited for bombarding mobs from afar. On top of that, you can also give a model Drop Bombs(1) if you're looking for some off-turn damage.
  • Balloon Riggers: These balloon boys rely a lot on Rending if you take their basic Chain-Sword and Volley Gun and have Scout to help them get closer to the fight. If you buy Repair, this can make them better suited to accompanying a ship, especially if you don't stick a hero for repairs.
    • One of the Balloon Riggers can take the same guns that are available to the Wardens. The lack of defensive measures might make considering one less enticing, though the Grappling Hook Launcher can give a good way to cover extra ground quickly if you aren't focused on supporting the ships.


  • Sky-Gunboat: The only one of the boats without any transport capacity. Though not as spectacular as its colleagues, this ship makes it up by being the cheapest of the lot. Its Sky-Cannon provides a weapon to pop small herds that can be replaced with the Drill Cannon, a lethal weapon made to fell monsters.
  • Sky-Frigate: A bigger gunboat with a Transport(11), Drop Bombs(2), a better-ranged Hook Cannon (though it lacks AP) and Deck Guns, making it the most well-rounded of the lot. The Hook Cannon can be replaced with a Heavy Sky-Cannon that's better suited for taking down monsters.
  • Sky-Ironclad: The big beefer, boasting Transport(16), Drop Bombs(3) and plenty of Deck Guns to handle most things. The Heavy Hook Cannon that's its main gun gives an impressive piece of artillery against mobs, which you can replace with either a rapid-fire Volley Cannon or the devastating Great Sky-Cannon if you really need a monster gone immediately. Considering the cost, it's more likely that you'll be only bringing this ship, so you'll really need to focus on keeping it going for as long as possible with Repair.

List Building & Tactics

General Advice

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