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Soul-Snatcher Cults
Setting: Grimdark Future
Games: Grimdark Future,
Grimdark Future: Firefight
Species: Human-Alien hybrids
Version: v2.50

Why Play Soul-Snatcher Cults

The soul-snatcher cult is what happens when you slap together the HDF and she soul snatchers from the alien hives. While your base goons act like the basic infantry and guardsmen - that is being a bunch of disposable fodder - but the elites are somewhat more different.


  • Near-universal Scout
  • Your heroes can actually interact with your troops
  • Your heroes are all rather cheap


  • Your troops are flimsy as hell
  • Your troops aren't all that good with their guns

Special Rules

  • Agitator: Attached units get +1 attack in melee when charging.
  • Experiments: When in melee, roll one die and apply one bonus (either +1 to AP or Rending) to this unit's attacks.
  • Resistance: Counts as having Regeneration on rolls of 4+ against spell attacks, and on rolls of 6+ against non-spell attacks (this stacks with Regeneration).
  • Takedown: When this model attacks in melee, you may pick one model in the unit as its target, and make 1 attack at Quality 2+ with AP(1) and Deadly(3), which is resolved as if it's a unit of 1.
  • Warning Cry: Enemy units can’t be set up within 18” of this model when using Ambush.

Psychic Spells

  • Mind Poison (4+): One enemy unit within 12" takes three AP(1) hits.
  • Stimulant (4+): Two friendly unit within 6" takes Furious on their next charge. With how limited your melee can get, you'll be needing to make every swing possible.
  • Brain Burst (5+): Enemy model within 12" takes two AP(4) hits, making you a sniping spell.
  • Hypnosis (5+): Two friendly units within 12" get +1 to their defenses. Excellent when combined with cover thanks to their need for cover.
  • Mind Control (6+): Two enemy units within 6” get -3" next time they Advance, or -6" next time they Charge or Rush.
  • Psychic Blaze (6+): Two enemy units within 6" take six AP(1) hits each, making this painful for the mobs.

Unit Analysis


  • Cult Leader: Okay, this guy is a LOT to go through. At stock, they're very unimpressive, stuck with a Pistol + CCW, though that pistol can be swapped for either a rapid-fire Burst Pistol or the potent Sniper Rifle. If you aren't so keen on shooting, you can swap the whole loadout for either horde-clearing Sabotage Charges, a hero-killing Injector Goad or an Array of CCWs for AP(1) Poison on their swings.
    • Upgrades: The non-weapon improvements are where the support shines, as it can take on many roles for your army: Prime offers Agitator for more melee-inclined forces. Mad Scientist includes Experiments for improving a squad's melee potential. Mage grants Psychic so you can have an affordable caster.
  • Cult Hitman: The assassin to the Leader's support, starting with Takedown so you can begin any fight with a mighty blow. While it also starts with a Pistol + CCW, you can swap the Pistol for either a Burst Pistol or Duelist Pistols for mid-range hero-sniping. The CCW, meanwhile, can be turned into either Dual Blades for AP(1) Rending or a Poison Blade for AP(1) Poison.
  • Brute Champion: An outright melee bruiser with plenty of protection between 4+ defense and Regeneration. Notable is how the sledgehammer is a melee weapon with Blast attached to it - Perfect for flattening small mobs. While the Psychic Idol sounds like a potential good buy, it does not offer any improvements in addition to Regeneration.


  • Neophyte: Slightly more elite than the Minion thanks to a 4+ Quality and Scout. While each one comes with a Rifle, you can also equip them with a Shotgun if you're more inclined to keeping them in close quarters, as can buying a Banner for Fear. Your special weapons come with some rather conventional stuff like the Flamethrower or Grenade Launcher before jumping into the insane stuff. The Mining Laser demolishes tanks, the Quake Cannon provides some long-range ordinance, the Heavy Machinegun offers man-portable long-range firepower if you don't want to buy Support Minions, and the Sniper Rifle gives an unexpected long-range option. You could instead go melee, going for either a Pistol or crowd-controlling Web Pistol for a gun and a CCW that you can replace for either a lightweight Heavy Pick or an anti-armor Heavy Mace.
  • Acolyte: 4+ quality makes them a bit more valuable, but they aren't here for shooting. They only get a Pistols (or buy a Flamethrower Pistol) to do so. Instead, focus in on melee, since they get a ton of cheap heavy weapons in order to chew up enemies. Do beware that they still have 5+ defense, so make sure to protect them accordingly - or boost them with a mad scientist support.
  • Mutant Brute: Your elite bruiser, loaded with 3+ quality and Regeneration to keep them protected. Each of them comes with a hefty Heavy Pick, but one can grab an Heavy Hammer to handle crowds, a Pick Hammer to take down elite units, or a Great Weapon for all the AP.
  • Minions: The humble frontliners, almost ripped straight from the HDF. Cheap as chips, but flimsy as paper. Unlike most horde armies, there's a dearth of melee weapon options, but you do have a couple choices in regards to guns. The Plasma Rifle offers cheap anti-armor, the Fusion Rifle destroys tanks, the Flamethrower takes care of crowds, the Shred Rifle offers rapid-fire Rending and the Grenade Launcher fires Blasts against mobs.
  • Minion Biker: Despite the default loadout angling to go for melee to accompany Impact, don't. Though your selection of guns is limited, you should consider getting them and not getting your minions flattened because you only have one bike. You get melee weapons as well, but remember that you don't want to rely on them since they still hit on a 5+.
  • Soul-Snatcher: Straight from the Alien Hives list. Very mobile, but are only protected by a 4+ defense. Make sure that this beast gets stuck in for melee if you intend on keeping them around for long. You can also give a model Psychic in case you need even more denial.
  • Support Minion: Now independent of the base Minions, this is essentially a Tough(3) soldier toting a single heavy weapon (Anti-crowd Mortar, long-range Heavy Machinegun, flyer-crushing Missile Launcher, tank-demolishing Laser Cannon, or extreme range Autocannon). Each of these are quite impressive with range, so it's better to keep them as far away as possible.
  • Elite Snatcher: Soul-Snatcher with 3+ defense and Ambush with Regeneration. Definitely better-suited for getting stuck in, but are considerably more expensive.
  • Minion Quadbike: The closest you get to an heavy weapons bike, and you'll get it for quite the bargain. The Heavy Flamethrower it comes with is limited in range, but you can replace it with the high-powered Mining Laser or the Heavy Machinegun for a very cheap 5 points.

List Building & Tactics

General Advice

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