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Setting: Warfleets: FTL
Games: Warfleets: FTL
Species: Mixed
Version: v1.5

The Alliance is a faction from the Warfleets: FTL universe. As of December 12, 2023, the Warfleets: FTL setting was integrated into the Grimdark Future setting and the original Warfleets: FTL factions were removed.

Background Story

The Alliance is made up of militia forces that opposes the ways of the corrupt Empire, and have taken up arms to get rid of their oppressors once and for all. These resistance fighters come from all species and corners of the galaxy, and thus have the most diverse fleet of any other faction. Most ships used by the Alliance are re-purposed civilian ships, such as freighters and private transports, but sometimes also captured military or law enforcement ships.

Once the tyrannical leaders of the Empire had been exposed, it didn’t take long for regular civilians all across the galaxy to rise up and form their own army among the confusion. It seems that all it took to unify the different species of the galaxy was to have a common enemy to hate, as awful as that sounds.

The civil war is now in full force, and the Alliance is not about to give up on its dreams of freedom, so vive la resistance!

Meanwhile, the legendary Marauder fleet Morka’s Mob play both sides, attacking Empire ships to sell parts to the Alliance, whilst also wrecking Alliance ships on the way out to sell parts to the Empire.

Legendary Fleets

  • Hope Remains - One of the largest and most renown fleets of the alliance, Hope Remains has been fighting off the empire since the beginning of the civil war, and has liberated countless worlds already.
  • Atov’s Veterans - When retired admiral Atov Urzuf found war knocking at his door again, he scrambled his remaining friends together and dusted off his old ship, ready to push the enemy back once more.
  • Rangers of Moazu - The Rangers of Moazu come from one of the most dangerous sectors of the frontier where pirate raids are a daily threat, and so they sport some of the best warriors in the whole galaxy.

Play Style

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In order to be able to go toe-to-toe with conventional forces, their ships are armed with long-range weaponry, trying to take out the enemy before they get too close, or giving them a chance to escape.

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The Alliance is a faction of common folk that have risen up to form their own army, which uses retrofitted transport ships in battle. Generally they use flat and wide ships with rounded edges, instead of the usual slim and tall ships with hard corners. To make it clear that their ships used to be freighter they carry a lot of cargo on the outside.

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