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This is a space for community members to show off their OPR Minis painted in all their glory! Looking for colour choices or inspiration on posing? For highlights, check out the Featured Gallery, highlighting winners of the Painting Contests run by OPA, and other exceptional examples. Looking to see the breadth and variety of work out there? Jump to the Full Gallery below, where anyone can contribute their work.

While this is a more static or permanent exhibit of work, a more live or real-time method of sharing work is available on Discord. Many OPR community members share work, both finished and work-in-progress, on the Discord server, and you should feel welcome to join and share there.

See the bottom sections of this page for instructions on how to include your own work on this page.


Full Galleries

Age of Fantasy

Grimdark Future

Warfleets: FTL

Add Your Work

This is a community effort so please share your great work!

Featured Submissions

For now, the Featured Gallery is a place to show off winners of the Painting Contests and any featured artists on the OPR News or Patreon pages. If you have an idea of some excellent paint jobs (on OPR minis) to include, please check with the #opr-wiki channel on the Discord.

Full Gallery Additions

Option 1- Just click "Add a Photo to This Gallery" on the appropriate section and upload your photo with a caption following the format used by the others.

Option 2- ask in #opr-wiki on the Discord for some help.